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Zwarte schapen van Almere

Short documentary, 2006, 56 min.

In 1995, the Amsterdam amateur soccer club Zwarte Schapen (black sheep) moved to Almere. Both the club and Almere had the same dream: professional soccer. As FC Omniworld, they realised it, from 2005. Despite the name change, the hard core of the club still calls them Zwarte Schapen. The crowd chants this name during matches and a sheep still adorns the new club logo. Director Heijnen films the daily routine at the club, while a voice-over links the scenes. The camera attends negotiations with new players and follows the club management. Among them, Frans, who still has a stand at the Amsterdam Albert Cuyp market and in his spare time fanatically raises pigeons. And Henk, who proudly places an order for golden pins with sheep. Their club love especially breathes nostalgia, for Amsterdam, for the past. But with Johnny Rep, the club does have a scout of repute and in two seasons FC Omniworld slowly climbed the league table of the first division.





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