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Eigen weg

Short documentary, 2002, 54 min.

'There are thousands of fine artists in Holland. Why would I precisely make a film portrait of Leon Adriaans?', director Pieter Verhoeff asked himself when an acquaintance introduced him to this artist from Noord-Brabant. But owing to his beautiful work and strong personality, Verhoeff was immediately sold. Particularly the extraordinary way in which Adriaans's life and work turned out to be intertwined intrigued him. Verhoeff filmed the artist at work at his farmhouse in St. Michielsgestel, where the artist's strong affinity with nature is instantly apparent. His paintings reflect this, but they are chiefly visualisations of his inner self. By means of photographs, archive footage about Noord-Brabant and the artist's workbook, Verhoeff draws a portrait of this passionate painter, leaving Adriaans's paintings to speak for themselves.





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