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Our Newspaper

Short documentary, 2011, 59 min.

The Russian journalist Andrej Shkolni quit his job at the newspaper The Leninist, because the authorities did not appreciate his critical attitude. He and his wife founded Nasha Gazeta (Our Paper). In the daily - with a circulation of seven thousand copies - he addresses subjects like pollution, a village that is deprived of water for three months, a faith healer and the village doctor who visits her patients by bike in minus 26 degrees.
In his Lada, Andrej crosses Mayna in Ulyanovsk. It is Lenin?s native region, once the granary of Russia, now completely impoverished and neglected by Moscow. Andrej personally delivers the paper and collects contributions, meanwhile gathering information, like the cause for the massive fish mortality in the river. This tragicomic story of a terrier in a society that seems absurdist to us is plainly captured. The interviews with the candid villagers and the local bureaucrats underline the use of Our Paper.





Cinematographer - DoP


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