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Reisverhalen - Regen in Nagasaki

Short documentary, 2001, 50 min.

Filmmaker Dorna van Rouveroy's father, an experienced cameraman, is finally on the other side, when he and other people of the Foundation Japanese Debts of Honour go to Japan on the invitation of the Japanese government. During the demanding itinerary, Van Rouveroy vainly tries to persuade her father to express his emotions. He cracks jokes, acts cynical and hardly flinches when standing face to face with his concentration camp warden. 'I still recall the hard slaps you used to give me', her father says to him. 'Me too', the bully grins. 'You guys were troublesome.' Rain in Nagasaki gradually discloses the soul of a camp survivor, at the same time registering similarities and differences in the Japanese and Dutch attitudes towards the war: they both consider themselves victims, but the Japanese man lives in denial, the Dutchman longs for recognition.




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