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Verhalen van Vogelenzang- deel 4 en 5

Documentary, 1996, 100 min.

Last two parts from the five-part documentary series Stories from Vogelenzang sketching a portrait of everyday life in the Vogelenzang psychiatric clinic in Bennebroek. In part 4, entitled Ik heb toch alles verpest (I made a mess of everything) we get to know a woman who has to decide whether she wants to continue her treatment after a suicide attempt and we see how nurse Hans copes with aggressive and suicidal patients. Ik hoor hier helemaal niet thuis (I don't belong here) is the final part of the series and looks at the problems of an elderly woman who has been admitted to a psychiatric clinic 23 times in recent decades and thinks she will never leave Vogelenzang.






Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company