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It Fryslân fan Pieter Verhoeff

Short documentary, 1999, 39 min.

When writer-journalist Geert Mak published his book Hoe God verdween uit Jorwerd (How God Left Jorwerd), this led to a real 'Jorwerd craze'. Through the eyes of an outsider, he described how the Frisian way of life, hundreds of years old, is coming to an end and how modern rural life is taking its place. It Fryslân fan... is a series of documentaries in which six film-makers were commissioned to embellish Mak's theme about a changing Friesland. In personal films, they all give their views on Friesland. Pieter Verhoeff made a portrait of theatre-maker Dette Glashouwer of Suver Nuver. In the film, he sets out to discover the fascination of Frisians who live and work outside Friesland for their mother tongue.




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Cinematographer - DoP


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