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Het Zusje van Katia - Katia's Sister

Feature film, 2008, 85 min.

When she is asked in school: 'What do you want to be?', she answers: 'Simple. Katia's sister.' This is how the young girl sees herself and is seen by others; we never hear her own name. We watch her life from her perspective; the camera keeps close to her and follows her around. In the apartment where she lives with her mother, who works as a prostitute, her elder sister Katia and her increasingly absent-minded grandma, and in the street, where evangelist John is the only one who really devotes time to her. Her family comes from Russia and often plays thunderous Russian music. She prefers to listen to Dutch children's pop music, while she tidies up and cleans the house, discreetly keeping the household going. Meanwhile, her mother finds a new boyfriend somewhere and Katia thinks she can make some easy money by stripping - she even takes her little sister to the club. The latter takes it all as it comes. But what she likes best is huddle together with Katia in bed, lying against her long blonde hair.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)

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