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De Ramp - The Flood

Documentary, 2002, 85 min.

Even though the Zeeland Flood Disaster took place in 1953 and hardly anything in the landscape still reminds people of it, it lives on undiminished in the minds of the victims. The catastrophe occurred in the post-war reconstruction period. The reaction to the disaster was energetic and massive, too, with relief actions and the start of the Delta Plan. But with all this attention for the reconstruction, the victims were overlooked. Director Koert Davidse interviews, in detail, a host of people involved about the events of that night, hour by hour. Being in their twenties, these people lost their relatives and friends. They were just in their courting days and had received their diplomas; today, they are in their seventies. Apparently, the memories have not disappeared; sometimes they come back even stronger. The stories are illustrated by amateur footage that has never been shown before.

won prizes

  • NL - Amsterdam International Docu Film Festival IDFA selection






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