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Jezus is een Palestijn

Feature film, 1999, 90 min.

In a religious agricultural community in Limburg, Ramses (25) is inaugurated by the Hindustan Kahn Guru as priest. Unexpectedly he is collected by his sister Natasha from Amsterdam. Their father is dying and wants to speak to his son one last time. Ramses is given permission to leave the commune, but has to promise to return as soon as his father dies. In modern urban society Ramses is suddenly forced to make his own choices. His father turns out not to be dying at all, and he also falls in love with Natasha's roommate Lonneke. Then in Amsterdam's Bijlmer ghetto Ramses becomes fascinated by Rashid, a Palestinian with prophetic powers.
Jezus is een Palestijn (Jesus Is a Palestinian) is a parody on topical issues such as spirituality and euthanasia.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (14)

Sound designer

Location sound recordist


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