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The Dictator Hunter

Documentary, 2007, 74 min.

If you kill someone, you go to prison, whereas dictators with thousands of victims to answer for can often live freely in the lap of luxury. Indefatigably, human rights lawyer Reed Brody of Human Rights Watch fights this rank injustice. He previously played an important role in the process against the Chilean dictator Pinochet. The Dictator Hunter follows his hunt for Pinochet's African counterpart: Hissène Habré, from 1984 to 1990 president of Chad. For seven years now, Brody has been supporting a group of victims' relatives who want to bring Habré to trial. The lawyer serves a higher purpose: international law. He is prepared to sacrifice a lot for this, even privately. Director Klaartje Quirijns follows him to Africa, Europe and the US. A crucial event is a meeting of the African Union. If the leaders, including equally controversial men like Mugabe and Khadafi, decide to prosecute Habré, this class of tyrants can no longer do whatever they please unpunished.




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