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3 weken feest!?

Documentary, 2000, 75 min.

Portrait of the Rotterdam area Hillesluis during the European soccer championships. The few locals and many immigrants all prepare in their own way for the matches, some of which are played in the Kuip, the stadium that dominates the district. A local woman makes sandwiches for the policemen who have to direct traffic. Young hooligans pep themselves up at home with beer and hash. A Turkish inhabitant shows his deaf little son the stadium where the matches will be played. The Bosnian Ennis tries to make his memories of the war in his land bearable with music and the North African El Mounsif mourns his expensive and uninsured car that was stolen from by his front door. Meanwhile, the local policeman tries to solve the big and small problems of the district hoping that the mood of the tournament will stay this friendly. A portrait of our society at the time of the great soccer feast.




Cinematographer - DoP


Production company