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De kastanjeboom en de rivier

Short documentary, 2010, 40 min.

De kastanjeboom en de rivier opens with a quote from an osier worker who clearly remembers the chestnut tree from the title. One time, he dreamt that the tree looked at him and wondered what the tree saw. This short documentary does precisely that: show the world without any comment, as seen from the perspective of the old chestnut in De Turfzakken polder in the Biesbosch in Brabant.
Alternately with close-ups of icicles, spider's webs, dropping and sprouting leaves and panoramic views of the surroundings with farmers, migratory birds and tourists, we get an impression of the seasons slipping by. While the Amercentrale near St.-Geertruidenberg always looms large, meanwhile the landscape changes drastically. Because De Turfzakken is designated to be a flood plain. Machines dig off the man-made polder again and fell trees for a new distributary, where large grazers and nature lovers will henceforth define the scenery.

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