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Kom niet aan mijn Kinderen - Don't Touch my Children

Feature film, 2010, 84 min.

Adaptation of a book about a mother and the two-year struggle to retrieve her children after they have been abducted to Syria by her ex-husband.
After Hanne entrusts her children to her Syrian ex-husband for the weekend to visit Disneyland near Paris, it turns out he has other plans. He claims he had to flee from threats. In reality, he wants to use the children to force her to start a new life with him in Damascus. Because Hanne initially goes along with his story and later is not indifferent to her ex's charms, she gradually becomes estranged from her friends and family. Until she finds out her children are abused and lied to. With the help of an expert in the field of child abduction and the Dutch embassy, she eventually manages to get the children back to Holland.
Like the book, the film follows the true events surrounding Janneke Schoonhoven and her children, who after their escape went into hiding in the Dutch embassy in Damascus for six months.

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