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Onze kust

Documentary, 2005, 78 min.

For seven years, Ireen van Ditshuyzen filmed the Dutch coast, from Zeeland to Rottumerplaat. A coastline on which the sea clearly left its equally beautiful and destructive marks. Like in the submerged Land of Saeftinghe, where residues of once flooded villages are still recovered, and on the beach of Ameland, where the waves washed away a beach café in a highly unlikely scenario. According to the owner, the catastrophe did not even register with her, seized as she was with the power and beauty of nature's ferocity. Van Ditshuyzen mixed the - always impressive - images of beaches, dunes and Delta works, whether or not ravaged by battering waves, with archive footage and shots of concerned inhabitants and coastguards. They talk about their often ambivalent relationship with the sea, which plays a key role in their lives, for professional or personal reasons. The dilemmas for the future of our coast are also aptly described: Will we give the sea a free rein or should we defend every inch of land tooth and nail?




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