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Tsjêbbe Hettinga: Yn dat sykjen sûnder finden (In dat zoeken zonder vinden)

Short documentary, 2006, 50 min.

Measured and mesmerising is the voice of the poet and elocutionist Tsjêbbe Hettinga under the images of the Frisian landscape. Recurring themes in his oeuvre are time, transience, melancholy and desire. And nature, particularly the sea, is also omnipresent in his usually lengthy poems. Even someone who does not understand a word of Frisian experiences the musicality and eloquence of Hettinga's distinctive poetry.
Since he successfully performed at the Frankfurter Buchmesse in 1993, he is in great demand at foreign poetry festivals. He composes verses in Frisian and from necessity recites them by rote, because an eye disease has gradually made him almost blind. Besides writing poetry, Hettinga plays the saxophone in a band. Making music is meat and drink to him. Filmmaker Pieter Verhoeff, also Frisian by birth, followed him for two years with his camera. Their conversations about life are intimate, as if they were best friends.




Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

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