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De Amazones van Harreveld

Documentary, 1999, 85 min.

Adaptation of the three-part documentary series De Amazones van Harreveld (The Amazones of Harreveld). In the remand home at Harreveld there is a special closed section for girls between 14 and 18 years old. Years of emotional neglect, abuse or incest make the girls wrestle with their faith in the outside world and mean they soon lose their tempers, become aggressive or introverted. They ran away from home and school and often have several children's homes behind them. For two years, the filmmaker Thom Verheul followed two girls: Marjorie and Saskia. Majorie was sexually abused by her stepfather and takes it out on the staff, the furniture and the windows after a weekend back home. Saskia became isolated as a child after a lengthy period in hospital and has been suicidal since she was eleven. She is obsessed by satanic sects. Her aggression is directed at herself.





Cinematographer - DoP


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