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Reisverhalen - De trein naar Havana

Short documentary, 2000, 50 min.

The subtitle of De trein naar Havana (Train to Havana) translates as Tales of revolution & love. Director Saskia Vredeveld notices that people in Cuba do not talk at all about the revolution, or reluctantly or compliant with the official propaganda. But she also discerns that love is a favourite topic of discussion for every Cuban she meets on her journey from Santiago de Cuba to Havana. By train, she follows the route by which Fidel Castro and Che Guevara conquered Cuba in 1959. Her travelling companion - and interviewer - Katinka de Maar has a Cuban friend, whom she meets in Havana; Vredeveld wonders if this relationship can evade the effects of dollars and machismo. From their encounters en route, it is evident that on Cuba the man, like in the salsa, leads in love. According to De Maar, this causes no problems, as long as the woman can surrender herself to it.




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