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...Maar ik was een meisje

Documentary, 1999, 69 min.

Portrait of Frieda Belinfante (1904-1995), the first female conductor with her own symphony orchestra in Holland and later in Orange in the United States. Born into a family of musicians, Belinfante developed as a controversial personality because of her homosexuality and strong will. Her activities in the resistance during the war made her flee to Switzerland. After the war Belinfante emigrated to the United States, where she continued her musical career in the Hollywood studios and founded her own symphony orchestra with only Hollywood musicians. In Maar...ik was een meisje (...But I was a Girl) the story of her life is sketched by Belinfante herself, her elder sister Renée and ex-students. This is illustrated by pictures of the places she lived and archive footage of her orchestra and performances of her music.

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  • NL - Hilversum Het Gouden Beeld TV award





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