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Wolkenridders & luchtkastelen

Short documentary, 2001, 52 min.

Man has always wanted to go higher. But what explains this fascination? Director Eugenie Jansen interviews people in Rotterdam who work at great heights. Like the architect of the Luxor Tower, a crane operator who is working alone all day and two people in the Robeco Tower with different feelings about the view. But also a young bridal couple on the Euromast, dreaming of a place in the World Trade Center, and a window-cleaner, who sighs that he is `mostly looking at himself' in the reflecting walls of the skyscraper. Looking at the view, all of them start daydreaming now and then, a feeling that is conveyed to the spectator by the recurring panoramas and the relaxed, personal tone of the interviews. High above them, the pilot of the trauma helicopter regularly flies by.





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