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Tussenland - Sleeping Rough

Feature film, 2002, 84 min.

Using observing, documentary-like images, the feature film Tussenland tells the story of the friendship between the 80-year-old Dutch war veteran Jakob and the young Sudanese asylum seeker Majok. Jakob is a sulky man who has been antagonising everybody following his wife's death. He spends his days playing bingo, draughts and paying visits to his sole friend. Majok lives in Holland illegally and wanders about, preferably in a pasture among cows, because it reminds him of his native country. These two singular individuals cross paths when Majok uses Jakob's garden bench as a place to sleep. Initially, this leads to a torrent of abuse, but the reticent Majok won't be chased off and gradually manages to thaw the peevish old man. The leading roles in this feature début by director Jansen are played by amateurs.

won prizes

  • NL - Rotterdam International Film Festival IFFR Tiger Award
  • CZ - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival selection






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