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Terpe kind mains, terpe - de reis van componist Jeff Hamburg

Short documentary, 2009, 51 min.

The originally American composer Jeff Hamburg was long uncertain about his personal background. He knew his Jewish ancestors were of Ukrainian origin, but due to all the historical atrocities the family never discussed the past. Only his aunt Fanny, whom Hamburg interviewed in the early nineties and whose voice he still has on several cassette tapes, told him his ancestors had at one time fled the pogroms in the Ukraine. Curious for more, Hamburg decides to travel to the region to retrieve traces of his past. Director Deborah van Ham shows how Hamburg's quest for his family and musical background eventually leads to the new, highly personal composition Biografiye, which we see and hear at the end of the documentary. A candid portrait that shows how knowledge of one's past can make someone finally come home after a long journey.





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