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Voeten op aarde/Tuin van Eros

Short documentary, 2004, 54 min.

Director Paul Cohen follows the creation of the choreography for the ballet Feet on Sand by Dutch choreographer Rudi van Dantzig, to Louis Andriessen's string quartet Garden of Eros. Van Dantzig designs the ballet (with two dancers and one actor) especially for camera registration. The first part of this two-piece documentary shows the preparations for the production. The time pressure annoys the passionate choreographer. `It seems as if death is on our heels.' The scenes in the rehearsal studio are alternated with conversations with Van Dantzig and the dancers, and with archive footage of previous ballets by this choreographer. As a result, Van Dantzig's methods are revealed and at the same time a subtle portrait is presented of a choreographer who, by his own account, has always been a `fairly lonely person' by nature. The second part consists of the camera registration of the ballet, directed by Jellie Dekker.




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