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Brooklyn Stories

Short documentary, 2003, 55 min.

Like a forgotten relic, the right field wall of the Ebbets Field baseball stadium - home of the Brooklyn Dodgers - is still standing upright in Brooklyn, New York. This is all that is left in the city of this legendary club of 'layabouts' that rarely won a game, but that did hire a black player as the first club in the US and was later moved to Los Angeles for the big bucks. Thorough research of elderly supporters yields vivid anecdotes about the heyday of the Dodgers. Their stories not only give a rough sketch of the history of a memorable club, but also illustrate the intertwining of baseball, the idea of the American Dream and the life of the common man in Brooklyn. Such a structure can be left to documentary maker Jos de Putter, who makes the duration of a car drive run exactly synchronous to the story of one of his main characters.






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