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Short documentary, 2010, 56 min.

Every year, a memorial walk is organised for the victims of the notorious dead marches in 1945. The participants follow the same route the Germans used during World War II to transport many thousands of concentration camp prisoners, before the allied troops would arrive. Many people perished during those excruciating marches. Except for nine brave young girls, who walked the dead march from Buchenwald and who refused to die at a young age.
The two aged women Lon Verstijnen and Christine Bénédite take turns looking back at their remarkable escape. How they and their friends tried to get to liberated territory, walking westward straight across Germany. The women explain that during a break in the dead march they all asked themselves the question: 'Why would we want to stay alive?' The answer made them venture a leap to freedom. Their story is compellingly illustrated by archive footage.





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