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Short documentary, 2009, 52 min.

When she was ten, the filmmaker was mad about the Australian TV series The Flying Doctors, and in particular dr. Chris Randall, played by actress Liz Burch. The walls of Eijsink's old room in Hengelo were covered with pictures and posters of her idol, she regularly wrote letters to her and had even made a savings plan to travel to Australia. When her heroine was eliminated from the series, Eijsink was inconsolable. Therefore she invented her own episode in which Randall re-appeared.
Fifteen years later, Eijsink flies to Australia to ask Liz Burch to make a film with her. The journey stirs up a lot of memories and emotions. For example, how her fantasies about dr. Randall made her discover her lesbian feelings. Through her quest for Burch and her history as a fan, she wraps up a period of doubt.
Eijsink interweaves footage of her trip with scenes from the series and old films and photos from her personal archive. And by means of the chroma key technique (green screen), she even tries to play some scenes with her heroine as a flying doctor.

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