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Landschappen waar niemand van weet (II)

Short documentary, 2007, 50 min.

Every artist looks at the environment differently, draws inspiration from it. A painter, a photographer and a graphic artist from various parts of the world talk about their art and explain how they look. Using an intriguing photography and editing, this film captures the world of each artist concerned.
The Amsterdam-based painter Frans Walon is alternately sitting in the red-light district sketching whores and tourists or drawing in his crammed house. His works are everywhere. 'Some people can draw well, but it doesn't have a soul. They don't go far enough.' Graphic artist Jan Hendrix works in Mexico. He hikes through nature with his camera. 'Every landscape has a certain factor of human intervention.' He transforms these immediate images through dissection and reduction into essential, abstract shapes, which he uses in his silk screens. Malick Sidibé makes photo portraits in Mali. He believes in beauty. Finds the best sides of people he portrays and gives them something to hold: radios or briefcases, for example. Sidibé searches the road for images.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)





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