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Fighting Fish

Feature film, 2004, 90 min.

Inspired by martial arts films, director Aattache made the first Dutch film in this genre. In Rotterdam, the Chinese underworld is shaken by the assassination of a gang member. The dead man's brother, the mysterious A-Ken (Kim Ho Kim), arrives from Hong Kong to avenge his brother's death. During his search for the killer, he has to buckle down and use his fists quite often and in the Chinese underworld nothing is what it seems. This is especially clear when A-Ken falls in love with Dutch Jennifer (Chantal Janzen). The relationship not only meets with resistance from Jennifer's brother (played by martial arts champion Ron Smoorenburg, who started his acting career in Jackie Chan's Who Am I?), but is also considered a betrayal of their culture by the Chinese; a reference to the title which alludes to the graceful Chinese fighting fish that mercilessly kill each other when coming together, just as the Western and Chinese cultures do not mix.

other prizes

  • NL - Rotterdam International Film Festival - RTM Classic 2019







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