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In Belfast staat een muur

Short documentary, 2001, 54 min.

Boudewijn Koole visits a few children in Belfast that he had already filmed and interviewed five years earlier for a documentary. Unannounced, he rings their doorbell and asks them about the changes that have taken place in their lives. These images are interlaced with footage of five years before - a long time at that age, especially in Belfast. The emotions of these youngsters cover the entire spectrum - from resistance to hatred, from love for the city to gladness because they have finally left it. Koole interviews them in their own rooms, with soccer and pop posters in the background. This emphasises the fact that they are ordinary children, but it heightens the contrast with the difficulties and thoughts they, the children of Belfast, have to cope with.



Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company