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Made in Korea: Een enkeltje Seoul-Amsterdam?

Documentary, 2006, 73 min.

In-Soo was born twice. In 1979 in South Korea, where he was abandoned immediately after birth, and in 1980 when he arrived at Schiphol Airport, where he was warmly welcomed by his adoptive parents. In this personal documentary, he first looks for the Korean children he shared the plane to Holland with a quarter century ago. He gets a relationship with one of them and her experiences arouse his need to visit his biological homeland and mother. Between the scenes of his meetings with other adopted children and the search for his mother in Korea, In-Soo meticulously describes the emotions the whole undertaking evokes in him. Like the feelings of guilt when on the eve of his departure his adoptive mother is admitted to hospital. And the jealousy, when he sees how his friend Ungila socialises with her biological parents.






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