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De Indiaan - The Indian

Feature film, 2009, 75 min.

'Most children come from their mother's belly. I come from an airplane.' Koos, almost eight, wants to look like his imposing, blond, all-Dutch father, but that is not so easy, for he has been adopted from Peru - so he is small and dark. He dislikes swimming, but he does like motorcycling. Later, he wants to by a motorcycle, like his dad, but first he has to qualify for his swimming certificate. But despite fervent cheers by his parents, grandparents and his dad's motor club, he does not have the courage to dive. And then his mother turns out to be pregnant, to boot. Doubt strikes and he begins a search for his origins. In front of the supermarket, he coincidentally spots a Peruvian boy who makes strange music. He strikes up a conversation and finds out he is originally an Indian. From then on, Koos does everything, in spite of his Dutch parents, to be a genuine Indian. He is even prepared to do something very brave.

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