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Ik ben echt niet bang!

Short documentary, 2010, 20 min.

Mack Bouwense (8) is a tough kid who already kickboxed at four and now is a motocross racer, just like his grandfather, father and sister Jacky before him. This is extra special, because Mack was born with his heart on the right side. The defect may seriously reduce his life expectancy. Meanwhile, Mack performs on the motocross track, while death looks over his shoulder from all sides. He draws inspiration from his deceased grandpa and his sister, who is allergic to almost anything.
Ik ben echt niet bang! follows Mack, who after a serious motorcycle accident now practices for a new championship. He matter-of-factly explains what a mirrored heart means and how surprised the doctors were when he showed up for a check-up in his motocross suit. While showing his huge collection of trophies, it is evident how important his grandfather was to him. A peppermint he once gave him is always stuck to his motorcycle and brings Mack good luck.




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