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Zwartboek - Black Book

Feature film, 2006, 136 min.

When in WWII Jewish singer Rachel Steinn's place of hiding is accidentally bombed, she decides to cross the Biesbosch river with a group of Jews to reach liberated territory. But their boat is stopped by a German patrol and all refugees are slaughtered. Rachel is the only one who can get away. She joins the resistance and as Ellis de Vries manages to chat up the high German SD officer Müntze. Meanwhile, the resistance has conceived a plan to free a group of captured resistance fighters with Ellis' aid. This fails miserably, because the scheme is disclosed. Ellis is designated the culprit by both the resistance movement and the Germans. With Müntze by her side, she goes into hiding again and together they wait for the end of the war. But the liberation does not bring Ellis freedom; not even when she succeeds to unmask the real traitor. Awarded with Golden Calves for Best Film, Best Directior and Best Actrice (Van Houten). Also the first film to be awarded a Diamond Film (over 1 million visitors).

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Diamond Film (1,000,000 visitors feature film)
  • NL - NFF Platinum Film (400,000 visitors feature film)
  • IT - Venice International Film Festival selection
  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (3)
  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)
  • UK - British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award BAFTA nomination

other prizes

  • NL - Rembrandt Award (3)

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