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Anker & Anker

Documentary, 2010, 100 min.

Double portrait of twins and lawyers Wim and Hans Anker. These criminal lawyers rank among the most prominent legal representatives in the Netherlands, not least because of their peculiar conduct. In part 1, the appeal cases of a flasher and a murder suspect with Mafia connections are addressed; in part 2, the process of a young student who twice killed her baby and the dragging about of Theo H., the man with the longest involuntary commitment in the Netherlands. Through these four cases, the Anker brothers' views on contemporary jurisdiction transpires, which leaves little sympathy for the growing eagerness with which judges seem to impose severe sentences like life imprisonment and involuntary commitment. Between times, we also get glimpses of their private lives: their love of soccer team Heerenveen, their dedication to their native village and residence Akkrum and their deadpan reciprocal humour. Wim, the more explicit of the two: 'These ladies would like to speak to a top lawyer.' Hans, reserved: 'They can, if you could just leave the room.'




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