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Feature film, 2004, 89 min.

After a series of violent robberies, five young friends are forced by the local gang leader (Johnny de Mol) to rob the bank where his girlfriend (Katja Schuurman) works (featuring Minister Gerrit Zalm in a supporting role as a bank manager). After the unsuccessful hold-up, the five are boldly and confidently rapping in the police van. But this changes once they are inside the Glen Mills School. In this strict school, which really exists (and where the other people play themselves), stern discipline is maintained. The youngsters are expected to call others to order. In a fast and free style, the film shows life before and after the robbery and the attitude of the police. The intimidating atmosphere of violence and group pressure is strengthened by the Dutch rap music, composed by the youngsters themselves, which meanwhile comments on the story in music video form. `Keep your head cool, in everything you do.'


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






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