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Spion van Oranje - Spy of Orange

Feature film, 2009, 90 min.

Action comedy full of cameo appearances, blown-up clichés and references to films like De tweeling, Hannibal and James Bond.
Holland is afflicted by a rather forlorn terrorist with a German accent, who is later identified as the plastic surgeon Bruno Von Lippe. He explicitly demands contact with the botched fashion designer François. When the two come face to face, it is clear why: they are twin brothers (both played by Paul de Leeuw), who were brutally separated in the past. Von Lippe thinks his mother sold him (for a pittance). Vengeful, he wants to inundate the Netherlands (Germany would finally have its own beach). François van Vliet, a stout middle-aged man who is inseparable from his teeny dog and still lives with his mother, is the only person capable of stopping Bruno. He gets help from two secret agents - a cautious, competent blonde who does everything according to the book and a macho cowboy who does not shun rash actions.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)

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