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First Mission

Feature film, 2010, 116 min.

After a traumatic event, the young tropical doctor Marina decides to apply to the emergency relief organisation International Frontline Doctors. She sets out for an aid station in the jungle, in a divided region in South America. Here, she finds miserable conditions and a group of enthusiastic colleagues. Despite their dedication, it appears complicated to really help the population: the dominant guerrillas set all the rules, medicines are scarce and, as a young female and Western doctor, Marina has to contend with cultural differences. But she perseveres - and gains more and more respect from her colleagues and the locals in the conflict area. The drama First Mission was inspired by experiences of relief workers of Médecins sans Frontières. The result is a story full of adventure about small but significant acts of heroism and aid workers who leave hearth and home to help a stranger at the other end of the world.

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