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Feature film, 2002, 94 min.

The female body and the parent-child relationship are the themes of Van den Berghe's feature film début. The film portrays three women at a turning point in their love lives. The story's protagonist is 20-year-old Muriel - played by Charlotte van den Eynde, a dancer with Anne Theresa de Keersmaeker's company. Muriel is fed up with her stifling village life. Without offering a reason or excuse, she abandons her bewildered parents, her respectable boyfriend and her factory job. In Brussels, she rents a room from the 35-year-old independent and sensual Laura. Laura's desire to have children forces her to sever her relationship and look for a father for her unborn child. While Muriel keeps up the appearance of a new life, she tries to discover her own sexuality through Laura's love life. She falls in love with Laura's ex. At the same time, Muriel's departure indirectly entails the start of a new love life for her mother.






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