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Feature film, 2005, 85 min.

At the beginning of Diep, based on Hendrickje Spoor's autobiographical novel Het leven bestaat niet, fourteen-year-old Heleen (Melody Klaver) dives into the sea with her parents and brother. Everything still seems fine. But then, her bickering parents break up and both soon start new relationships. These are the seventies, instantly recognisable in the hairdos, clothes and interiors, and emphasised by the discoloured images. Her parents candidly discuss their sexual problems and escapades, but leave it to the adolescent Heleen to figure out life by herself. She has to decide whether she, pressured by her friends, wants to jump in at the deep end. The camera usually stays close to Heleen, showing many close-ups, as well as her struggle with budding sexuality, clumsy advances and initial use of soft drugs, as seen from her perspective. When she meets a new person, the camera follows her critical glances, with short close-ups of a mouth, an earring, a chain, a cigarette. Or passing along boys' bodies in the pool and at the camp site.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






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