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Somberman's actie

Feature film, 1999, 94 min.

Feature based on the novella by Remco Campert. Herman Broekman (35) is no longer the heroic anarchistic poet with whom Ines fell in love ten years before. Once known as Somberman, the poet with the crowbar, the introvert Herman now works in the storage section of a department store. When the store goes bankrupt, Herman's life takes a dive. His relationship cools and he hits the bottle. His elderly friend, colleague and mentor Man in 't Woud, a great fan of Somberman and his poetry anthology Action, does his best to bring the campaigning poet back to life. Herman however would rather focusess on his new job in the protection racket, as sidekick for a crooked nightclub owner, but is caught out by Man in 't Woud. The old man manages to pull him out of the mire, but is not so fortunate himself.






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