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Nachtrit - Night Run

Feature film, 2006, 98 min.

When Dennis van der Horst gets the chance to get hold of his own taxi license, he seizes the opportunity with both hands. He negotiates a loan, watched by the director of MOTAX: Uncle Jan Bremer. Now, Dennis can buy a new car and belongs to the inner circle of Uncle Jan. Soon, Dennis finds out why it was so easy to obtain a license. Apparently, the law has been changed: competition on the taxi market is allowed. Suddenly, Dennis' license has become worthless. When he wants to recoup his losses from Uncle Jan for passing off a useless license on him, he is brought round: along with hundreds of drivers who are in the same sticky situation, he complies with the appeal by MOTAX to wipe the rival taxi base DNC off the street. War erupts in the streets of Amsterdam.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)






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