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Richting West - Heading West

Feature film, 2010, 90 min.

Susan Visser is Claire (38), a modern single mom. She leads a busy and chaotic life in Rotterdam. On her bicycle with a baby saddle, she hurries across town. Her ex is an irascible egoist. Her new lover is capricious. She changes constantly and swiftly from one mood to the next. Between her job, men, child and friends, she tries to keep everything going and her life on track. Looking for some equilibrium in her life as a mother, daughter, working woman and lover. In ten chapters, the film portrays a woman who occasionally is at the end of her tether, but the next moment mounts her bicycle whistling, her son Milan on the back. Whoever said life was simple? Claire smiles and lives off her tears. Cinematographic essay about life and love in the big city.

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