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Documentary, 2009, 90 min.

The Parkwijk project hosts mentally challenged young adults who encounter problems raising their kids. Family coaches monitor the residents and make arrangements with them about household management, the use of alcohol and drugs and education. An often frustrating and emotional process for the social workers, who steer a middle course between gaining the parents' trust and guaranteeing the children's welfare. If the parents misbehave, the coaches are obliged to report it to the guardians, as a result of which their offspring may be placed in care.
Van den Berge follows a few families and their coaches, who achieve varying success. It often appears complicated to discuss things with clients, because they find it hard to grasp the consequences of their actions. In crisis meetings, the question is frequently raised whether these people should be allowed to have children. One of the coaches thinks 'they shouldn't, really.' But: 'They're here now, and we have to pull out all the stops to help them.'




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