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De verloren kolonie - The Last Colony

Documentary, 2008, 90 min.

The plaster is falling from the walls; the bars of the cages are rusty. Desolation everywhere in the Suchum Primate Centre. Still, scientists in this institute in Abkhazia, which was founded in 1927, used to carry out advanced research of the life of primates. During the violent separation of Georgia from the Soviet Union in 1992/1993, this pride of the country - the Americans built laboratories after their model - could not be saved. The ape colony fled into the forest and has not been seen ever since. Nevertheless, one of the staff members faithfully takes food to the inhospitable area where he thinks they still live. The food is eaten, which is sufficient proof to him.
Director Astrid Bussink stumbled upon this subject in a newspaper article about experiments to crossbreed man and monkey. Black-and-white archive footage shows how primates are dissected and swung around in a large machine. The research focuses on cancer and space travel. The documentary follows the build-up to and the progress of the symposium that was organised in honour of the eightieth jubilee of the Centre and that will hopefully launch a new beginning.

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