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Paul Verhoeven - De gewelddadige schepping

Documentary, 2000, 64 min.

Documentary in which Jan Bosdriesz portrays the turbulent life of the Los Angeles resident Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven. In interviews made in the Netherlands and America, Verhoeven talks about his youth, the war, faith and his departure for America in 1986. In the Netherlands he enthusiastically visits spots from his youth, including his primary school and his parents' house. Film fragments from e.g. Turkish Delight and Soldier of the Queen illustrate the link between events from Verhoeven's past and scenes from his films. In addition, the film is larded with old private shots. Cameraman Jan de Bont and scriptwriter Gerard Soeteman (Turkish Delight) and Joe Eszterhas (Basic Instinct) finally talk about working with a committed cineast.





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