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De president - The President

Feature film, 2011, 90 min.

Two fortune seekers from Morocco, Joes and his uncle Hamid, end up as asparagus cutters in the Netherlands. During a police raid, Hamid causes a fire. Joes saves the Rumanian pole dancer Mila from the inferno. When he wakes up in a hospital, politicians pinch his heroic feat. Holland is entangled in the first presidential elections after the abolition of parliamentary democracy. Candidate Vlonder, who lags behind candidate Heesters, pushes Joes forward as his running mate and before he knows it Joes is the first Dutch president. But then it turns out people are playing a foul game.
The adaptation of Khalid Boudou?s novel is a satire on Dutch politics and society around 2015. Heesters, with bleached hair and Limburg accent, and former businessman Vlonder with his parlour suntan are xenophobic populists ('Hospitality has its limits.') who would do anything for political gain. The Moroccan president with his Rumanian retinue faces a murder attempt, back-room politics and a passport affair.

other prizes

  • CA - Vancouver Tiburon International Film Festival, Best Comedy

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