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Feature film, 2009, 84 min.

Fourteen-year-old Xenia does not feel at home in an overregulated society where everyone sticks to the rules, nobody asks forbidden questions and optimism is a moral duty. References to the past are prohibited and daily news is conspicuous by absence. Her country is inhabited by 'the happiest people on earth', but she mainly feels puzzled.
When an old man asks her to mail a letter on a forbidden island, she discovers a fanciful world where feelings, colours and stories are accepted. This is the place where she will get to know herself.
Digna Sinke, known from her Tiengemeten documentaries and other productions, again incorporates the grand Zeeland scenery, as well as unsettling images of sterile architecture. Not the plot, but the teenager, her surroundings and the accentuated sounds define this associative film. Although the story is set in the near future, Atlantis is definitely not science-fiction, but an author's film about growing up and gaining a better understanding of the world.

won prizes

  • ES - San Sebastian International Film Festival selection

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