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Prade woont niet meer hier

Short documentary, 1998, 58 min.

In late 1997, Hans Prade left Surinam with his wife and settled in Holland for good. Prade worked for the Surinamese government for years, in the end as the chairman of the Surinamese Auditor General. In this function, his conflicts with the Surinamese government increased, because the honest Prade did not hide corruption and mismanagement in his reports. After the umpteenth conflict with the government, that ignored all his reports, Prade decides to throw his towel in the ring and to leave. His daughter Esther Prade filmed the last weeks of her parents' stay in Surinam and mainly pointed her camera at a man who had to leave a country he loved against his will, but where his work had been made impossible.




Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company