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Vox Populi

Feature film, 2008, 97 min.

Jos is a seasoned politician, with a midlife crisis, of a very politically correct party that is in bad shape. When his daughter Zoë starts a relationship with Sjef, a young military policeman, Jos is introduced to his new in-laws' popular logic. This has drastic consequences for his political behaviour and his private life.
Sjef's father Nico, from the old Amsterdam Jordaan quarter, is a car dealer who hates politicians. He has a big heart, but also a very peculiar sense of justice and logic. Sjef's brother-in-law has the intention to make Jos' party the biggest in the country. Jos opens up more and more to 'the voice of the people' and starts incorporating his in-laws' standpoints in politics. This soon makes him climb in the polls, which greatly pleases this conceited man.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)

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