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Feature film, 2003, 97 min.

In a long flashback, this English-spoken thriller tells the story of the 24-year-old protagonist Jason, who gives an account of a tragic event. His career as a young and gifted lawyer goes like clockwork. But his relationship with Freya, his boss' daughter, is down in the dumps. After a blazing row at a party, Freya leaves, alone. The following morning, her car is found in a ravine, but every trace of the girl is missing. As all appearances are against Jason - after all, breaking off their relationship would ruin his career - he starts investigating the matter to prove his innocence. He finds out that his girlfriend has led a double life as a member of a controversial movement that gets its kicks out of perilous challenges. In order to get at the truth behind Freya's disappearance, Jason joins these radical thrill seekers and gets an extra dose of adrenaline when the diabolical leader puts him to the test.






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