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Mijn vader is een detective: De wet van 3 - My Dad's a Detective: Witches Paradise

Feature film, 2011, 80 min.

Sequel to Mijn vader is een detective: het geheimzinnige forteiland, the adventure film that clinched the MovieSquad Junior Award at last year's Netherlands Film Festival. In this new family film, the now 14-year-old Sam, his clever tomboy neighbour Sterre and the rich man?s son Ortwin again take action when Sam's father, a bungling sleuth, gets into a fix. In an alternative commune of artists, Mara's mother has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Is this the doing of ordinary crooks, or is the place haunted? Sam, Sterre and Ortwin have to put their hip-hop video and budding infatuations aside for a while and find out what delusion or reality is in this world, where modern witches practise the Neopagan Wicca religion. Will Wissink mingles a magical atmosphere and strange rituals with everyday deadpan humour. An amazing revelation gives the thrilling adventure a sudden personal turn for all people involved.

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